San Pantaleo Island

The island of San Pantaleo (Mozia) visiting on foot in about 2 hours. We need to follow the paths guided and various signs that are along the different maps placed on various parts of the island to reach the main points of interest.

1 Museum Giuseppe Whitaker
2 Inhabited House of amphorae ZONE  A
3 Tofet
4 Necropolis
5, 16 Industrial Zone
6 Sanctuary Cappiddazzu
7, 8 Port Nord- Navy Road
9 East tower with staircase
10 Fortifications
11 Inhabited House of Mosaics
12 Casermeta
13, 14 South Gate Kothon
15 Found at the Giovinetto statue of Mozia
17 Inhabited Central Zone
18 Inhabited Zone D
19 Inhabited Zone B
20 Zone F Gate North West and outbuildings
21 Temple of Kothon
22 Inhabited Zone E

In addition to the significant archaeological finds, Mozia also offers a very beautiful landscape. The shallow waters of the lagoon create real natural pools with transparent and clear water up to your knees. Could not resist the charm of a picturesque walk through the lonely waters.

How to arrive to San Pantaleo Island

On the highway you must get up to Birgi, then follow signs for Saline di Marsala Stagnone. Leave your car at the car park of the salt mines and then take the ferry that goes on the island.